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Away We Go Ad

Posted by hutchead on June 11, 2009

Did anyone notice Rock N Roll playing on one of the ads for Away We Go?  The song is not on the official soundtrack but I am pretty sure I heard it in the ad.

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OK, It’s Alright With Me is the new single

Posted by hutchead on March 23, 2009

Rock N Roll is still going on the Billboard Adult Top 40, and Triple A charts, and Sounds Like This is in the top 20 of the Heatseakers charts, but OK, It’s Alright With Me will be the new single. It is just starting to get some push.

The latest PRESS RELEASE on Eric

VH1 “You Oughta Know” Artist Eric Hutchinson Extends U.S. Tour with Headlining Outing

Hutchinson Tapped To Open On Jason Mraz’s Australian Tour;

Last update: 10:27 a.m. EDT March 17, 2009
BURBANK, Calif., Mar 17, 2009 (BUSINESS WIRE) — –New Single “OK, It’s Alright With Me,” The Follow-Up To Hutchinson’s #1 Hit “Rock & Roll,” #1 Most Added Its First Week At AAA Radio
With “Rock & Roll,” the first single from his Warner Bros. Records debut album, Sounds Like This, Eric Hutchinson was the only new artist to score a #1 single at U.S. AAA radio in 2008. Now “Rock & Roll” is a Top 10 hit on both Australia’s iTunes’ and national airplay charts and Hutchinson will be the opening act on Jason Mraz’s upcoming Australian tour. Upon his return to the States, Hutchinson will mix it up, playing a series of headlining and college shows.
His new single, “OK, It’s Alright With Me,” was #1 Most Added its first week at AAA radio. “You Don’t Have To Believe Me,” another track from his album, was hailed by USA Today as a “frisky, funky winner” and has been tapped by TNT as the theme music for the network’s summer promotional spot, which began airing last month.
Exuberant and uplifting, Sounds Like This has struck a chord in these uncertain times. Described as “infectious” (Philadelphia Daily News) and “soulful” (Boston Globe), Hutchinson, a Yahoo! “Who’s Next” artist, offers up humor and hope in the face of adversity. After all, he recorded and released Sounds Like This on his own, after his previous record deal disintegrated. It became the highest charting album by an unsigned act in iTunes’ history. Thereafter, he signed with Warner Bros. Records, which gave it a wide release last year.
“Clever songs, quirky grooves, a flair for tunefully evoking a generation of classic rockers: All of that appears to come naturally to Hutchinson, and it’s that seeming effortlessness that makes his music so disarming,” said The Washington Post while The Onion’s AV Club, which included Sounds Like This in its “best music of 2008” feature, praised it as “a playful, piano-powered pop album that brings to mind Stevie Wonder’s most freewheelin’ days…an energetic, supremely catchy collection of sharply penned songs …”

Links – Blogroll

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You Don’t Have To Believe Me Graph

Posted by hutchead on February 23, 2009


*Inspired by

Eric continues to add more shows in Austrailia as Rock N Roll is currently the most added song on Austrailian radio.

Neonlimelight interview complete with a Zack Attack

ASU interview interview and webvideo

Sarcastic Spastic

Eric rocks the whiteboydancefloor

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Believe Me

Posted by hutchead on February 4, 2009

We are heading to the Austin show with O.A.R. and hopefully we will have some good pics. House of Blues did not let any cameras in at the Houston show.  Eric played 8 songs, all from Sounds Like This. You Don’t Have to Believe Me was the crowd favorite. I thought it was one of his weaker songs in a live setting until he went electric, now it is great! This video is from the last Austin show.

Sounds Like This is up to #4 on the Top Heatseekers chart (that is basically for new artists) and at #171 on the Billboard 200. Rock N Roll is still moving, at #4 on the AAA chart, #27 on the Adult Top 40, and #15 on the Bubbling Under Top 100 Singles.

Here are a few of the latest interviews/live sets from Eric while he is on the road.

Eric visited Star 94.1

Eric on Fox5 San Diego

And here are some more hutcheads preaching the gospil.

David Archuleta digs Eric

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Rock N Roll N Covers

Posted by hutchead on January 15, 2009

Here is a shoutout to all the musicians out there digging on Rock N Roll. There are some nice interpretations, including a ukulele and even the piano.

My Favorite so far has to be the first one.

Hopefully this might help out others trying to figure out chords for Rock N Roll.

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Eric talks Baseball, and more.

Posted by hutchead on January 13, 2009

Eric was invited to the set of MLB (thats baseball for all of you non sports types) to talk about stuff other than his music. As a lifelong baseball fan I am sure he had a blast. HERE is part 1.  And in part 2 Eric talks about his music and the tour with O.A.R.

Billboard finally interviewed Eric, pretty basic, but Eric is still doing great on the charts.

Rachael J Cox and Eric showing up in marketing examples.

Sounds Like This makes a top 5.

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Eric Hutchinson on Late Night with Conan O’Brien

Posted by hutchead on January 7, 2009

Monday Jan 12th, Eric will be perforning “Rock N Roll” on Late Night with Conan O’Brien on NBC.

HERE is the video from Conan.

If you can’t wait that long to see him live, then check out his live show he did for

Plus, it seems that after Eric’s latest tour with O.A.R. he will be joining G Love on the road, mostly in the south. No firm dates yet though.

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Free Rock N Roll Video

Posted by hutchead on December 18, 2008

The Rock N Roll video is available for a short time for free from itunes.…02&s=143441

Get it while you can!

Thanks to Danielle for pointing it out on the official Eric Hutchinson boards.

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Movin on Up

Posted by hutchead on December 10, 2008

Rock N Roll holds at #4 on the AAA charts, sits at #33 on the Hot Adult Top 40, and is down to #18 on Top Heatseekers.   The video is at #9 on VH1’s Top 20.  VOTE HERE

Revenge of the killer links;

WBR put out a press release on Eric.

nice interview from

Eric Hutchinson vs Jason Mraz?

randomjillyandmeg dig Eric

Another Texas hutchead speaks up

review of the hartford show, new song?

megan thinks Eric is the best artist ever!


utahtib digs Eric too

great writeup from fosters

sisterhood writeup

deja vu, Eric rocks!

new deal could get Eric merch all over the place

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Posted by hutchead on November 26, 2008

Thank God It’s Thanksgiving. It’s been a busy week. Rock N Roll is on the Adult Top 40 hits now, at 11 on the Hot Videoclip Hits, number 4 on the AAA Charts, still charting in Japan, and Sounds Like This is still on the Heatseekers.

Rock N Roll video sits at #9 on the VH1 top 20 (VOTE FOR IT HERE), and Eric will be a quest on 12-6.  I have no idea what that means, we will have to watch and see.

Here is a snapshot of Eric on Halloween.


Thankful for the LINKS

recipe for Eric


Eric has a future career in marketing

Rock N Roll Texas

the Bradburns dig Eric

felaniemelanie hunkfest preview

Show review and pics from felaniemelanie

another show review and pics


They had dinner plans with Eric

short interview from

fanwitch Rocks

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