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You Know You’re a Hutchead If…

Posted by hutchead on March 10, 2008

You know who Eric Hutchinson is.

“Call Me Back” deeply moves you.

You play drinking games to his cd.

You know which song Al Gore might work into his next slide show.

Ok hutchead! Send in comments with your own You Know You’re a Hutchead If…

26 Responses to “You Know You’re a Hutchead If…”

  1. Ilene said

    You know you’re a hutchihead when:
    you can’t resist telling all your friends about him.

    you wear your “Eric Hutchinson is pretty good” concert t-shirt proudly.

    you’re on his mailing list.

    when you HUGGED Eric Hutchinson.

    you have talked to his manager.

  2. Penny said

    you know your a hutchead when you feel you can’t wash your “Eric Hutchinson is pretty good” concert t-shirt, that he signed.

  3. monica said

    when the novelty of his album, sounds like this, absolutely NEVER wears off

    when his album doesn’t stand a chance against any others in your collection

  4. Danielle said

    Well this may make me a Hutchead. I usually purchase the album about 5 at a time and send them out to friends and family all over the globe. I have done this quite a bit. I have probably bought Sounds Like This 14 times. My last purchase was 2 days ago. I got a copy for a friend that plays the piano in the fine dining restaraunt at work.
    Then I have made mix cds for a concert once. I should actually do that more often.

  5. Penny said

    Yes I think you are a hutchead, Danielle:)
    Great story.
    Thanks for the Shoutout.

  6. Danielle said

    I haven’t seen that friend yet to see if he enjoyed the album. I will let ya’ll know once I find out. It was Easter I gave to him. Well, I gave it to the restaraunt manager she said she would deliver it. They were hopping. It was the Easter Champagne Brunch.

    HeyI wanted to try and doodle some simple designs to maybe make into fliers. Does anyone have any ideas? I will share what I come up with later on.

  7. Crosby said

    You know your a Hutchhead if:

    There is an inconsiderate girl in your life that you now refer to as “Lisa”

  8. CyberBob said

    You can talk to the dead.

  9. Jessica said

    Well, I’m a new Hutchead.

    …He told me i was one.

    “He” as in Eric.

    He like called me out and picked me as the “hutchhead” of the show and then i got his cd for free. He was very surprised that i didn’t have it because i knew some of the songs.

    …btw I AM A BIG FAN NOW. I llllooovvveeeddd the cd.

    I plan on one day going to another of his shows, and actually knowing the songs…fully.

    Do you think i am a “hutchead” in your books?

  10. hutchead said

    You’ve come to, posted in the ‘you know you’re a hutchead if’ section, and Eric handpicked you from the audience. You just might be a hutchead!

  11. Jessica said

    I just may be!

  12. Dylan said

    You know you’re a hutchead when you started listening to “Sounds like this” a year ago, and it still hasn’t gotten old.

  13. hutchead said

    Nice one! So true.

  14. Dave said

    …if the only thing you ever listen to is a Hutch playlist on shuffle.

  15. Patti said

    . . . your 5-year-old is singing along to Food Chain in the back seat of the car on the way home from school.

  16. Meghan said

    You Know You’re a Hutchead If…

    …You win tickets to two other concerts from your local radio station for calling in to their request hour, yet when the DJ calls to inform you of this, all you want is to ask is why they haven’t played “Rock & Roll” yet!!!

    (I mean really, they can give me free seats to The Fray and Plain White T’s, but they can’t play the song I requested that entered me in the contest…? ;-D)

  17. Jamie said

    You know you’re a hutchhead if…..

    You feel guilty listening to any other music

    “Back to Where I Was” makes you cry

    You check this website three times a day

    You can’t go to YouTube without looking up a video by him

  18. Justina said

    you know you’re a hutchead when you finally get to meet eric hutchinson only to find out you can’t look at him because you’re that starstruck. even as he noticed the shirt you gave your mom to wear (the old music note one), and pointed it out. only to feel bad 3 days later and email him telling him why. i happened to me last week. my mom spoke more to him than i did.

    • Anna said

      Oh my gosh, I know exactly how you feel! Haha, that just happened to me the other day meeting him too. He’s awesome, don’t get me wrong, it’s just so hard to look one of the most talented, most down to earth, friendly, (but still) “regular guys” out there. I wanted to ask him a bunch of important questions that I had ready, but my dad ended up talking him the whole time! ..I don’t know what happened, I just couldn’t talk to him or even really look at him for that matter. I’m sure that he wants everyone to know that he’s just a “regular guy,” but… Augh! Okay, one things forsure, I’m NOT doing that again next time I meet him.:)

  19. Aisha said

    You know you’re a Hutchead if:

    you consider going to a concert and acting obnoxious in the front row, just so he’ll make up a song about you.
    (CONSIDER only, come on, we may be obsessed but we’re not arseholes.)

    when you’re watching a nature documentary and the narration mentions the food chain… you smile.

    you mentally re-arrange the songs on the album to tell the story of an imaginary relationship (Rock and Roll -> You Don’t Have To Believe Me -> Outside Villanova -> Food Chain -> Back To Where I Was -> It Hasn’t Been Long Enough -> All Over Now – any advances on that?)

  20. Leah said

    you know your a hutchhead if…

    =You drive from one end of the island to the other, listening to “foodchain” on repeat the entire 6 hour trip.

    =you text in your fav radio station EVERY SINGLE DAY asking them to put a new eric hutchinson song on their playlist, and then the station actually rings you and you go on the air and talk about how much you love hutch and what song you wanna hear most. (true story).

    =you search every hutch song on just so you know every single word perfectly.

  21. Laura Beth said

    you might be a hutchead if you fail your first advanced placement history test because all you knew about european society in the 1500s was that everyone was on the food chain.

    you might be a hutchead if you cried yourself to sleep the first night you fell in love with him because you remembered he had just been in town a month ago.

    you might be a hutchhead if your answer to the question “What three things would you take to a deserted island?” is eric, his guitar, and his piano.

  22. Carly said

    I know I’m a Hutchead because when I met him I forgot my name… and I couldn’t make eye contact with him no matter how much I tried to.

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  24. You Know Yourе a Hutchead If ңutchead

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