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Perez Hilton, a record executive?

Posted by hutchead on February 26, 2008

 I found an interesting article in The New York Times on Perez Hilton possibly getting into the music business with Warner Brothers. The article mentions how much Eric being mentioned on helped Eric’s career. 

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Guitar Chords & Piano Sheet Music needed

Posted by hutchead on February 25, 2008

While we do have some chords in the Guitar Chords/Piano Sheets section, we also could use the help of anyone out there that is talented with a guitar or piano. I know there are already some people doing covers. If you can, please post some chords or sheets for fellow musicians.

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Justin Timberlake Medley

Posted by hutchead on February 25, 2008

Eric’s now (well, getting there at least) Justin Timberlake Tribute/Bashing.

This has to be a crowd favorite of Eric’s. Someday when I get to interview Eric I will get the lowdown on his relationship with JT.

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That Could’ve Gone Better Review

Posted by hutchead on February 25, 2008 Review

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Fan Postings

Posted by hutchead on February 25, 2008 

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Hello world! Hello Hutcheads!

Posted by hutchead on February 25, 2008

Welcome to the first Eric Hutchinson FanSite! New information will be coming, please post comments.

Some cool sights I have come across…. Hell Ya!,,

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Posted by hutchead on February 24, 2008

Shoutout your thoughts about Eric! Leave a comment.

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Sounds Like This Reviews

Posted by hutchead on February 24, 2008

Umassmedia Review

rochestercitynewspaper Review

ndsmcobserver Review

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“Sounds Like This” LYRICS

Posted by hutchead on February 24, 2008

“Sounds Like This” LYRICS


ok it’s alright with me some things are just meant to be
it never comes easily and when it does i’m already gone
i’m practically never still more likely to move until i end up alone at will
my life continues inching along

when bernadette comes I get lost on her time
she’s much too sweet and she’s always gonna be
when i return to her arms and her eyes
it might not be the same but it’s alright with me

ok it’s alright with me some people are scared to see
what’s happening frequently but I would never shy from a fight
heartbeat with a high demand often will go hand in hand
but i’m sick of just starting plans i wanna spend the rest of my life.



you don’t have to believe me I’m just speaking my mind
you look lovely as always you get that all the time
you don’t have to believe me when I tell you that i’m impressed
but you sure better believe me when I say you deserve the best

you don’t have to believe me but i’m not gonna lie
i’ve seen all the attention you get from other guys
you don’t have to believe me when i tell you i like your dress
but you sure better believe me when i say you deserve respect

it feels like nobody’s on your side no access to your pride
you gotta learn to take control your whole body is a temple so
you’ve got a choice to make and your mind is what’s at stake
so before we build this love please believe that you’re good enough

you don’t have to believe me but I’m not often wrong
they’ve been taking advantage and it’s gone on too long
you don’t have to believe me when we’re dancing out on the floor
but you sure better believe me when i say you are worth much more


you don’t have to believe me
but you sure better believe me when i tell you you’re due for love

i don’t want nobody else
and nobody else is gonna treat you the way they ought to
and that’s what you deserve
if I could make you see it
so you can truly believe it
so you won’t even need it


and now i’m trying to decide if i feel dirty at all
cause it gets hard to tell
it’s never just black and white she’s got a mind of her own
and she uses it well
so she invites me over outside villanova
she’s got some pull-out sofa that we won’t hardly need
she is only drinking soda revving up that motor
got places we could go to but i still won’t believe
that she’s only gifted
when i’m standing by her side
she goes unassisted
and i start to relax as i cut her some slack

so get up i gotta go to work
facing all these people who now know i’m a jerk
and it’s a set-up i gotta change my clothes
concealing all this evidence before everybody knows
what i’ve done and what i’m gonna do …again

and in the middle of the night i have a breakdown of sorts
with regret creeping in
she’s gonna put up a fight and she will get her way
cause she loves sleeping in
so i need someone to side with when she begins confiding
and i cannot provide it cause i’m endlessly cold
she says she’s so excited to play some groom and bride
with me but i’m undecided so I need to be told
that she’s only sinking
when i’m sleeping by her side
with a change of thinking
i could pull us away even just for a day


she grows impatient to change my tune
she’s geting older and legal soon
and i wasn’t ready to start out and go upsetting
some girl that i’d be forgetting
by the time the cops came by that afternoon
and i try to decide as she pulls me aside


****FOOD CHAIN****

don’t let this affect the game every five months we act the same
but I never get used to putting you off
and no one could’ve scripted this who knows what’ll come of it
i refuse to believe it was all just a waste

cause look around
everybody’s on the food chain
funny but from day to day we get bottom to top
and if you get lost you start over again
but we don’t ever get to no we don’t ever get to stop

i wake up in the oblivious state go to sleep trying to save some face
cause i’ve never been one for acting naïve
and so what we’ve got nothing to prove
why on earth would we soften the mood
do we think that this wire is better left live

i would’ve known better if i was on the outside
i would’ve known better if i was on the outside
looking in looking in
but this chain just eats away at the people who use it
no ones gonna say that it’s easier losing
touch with who we need
when it’s lonlier on the outside


Eric Hutchinson – Vocals, Wurlitzer
Gary Novak – Drums
Chris Chaney – Bass
Deron Johnson – Piano
The Deacon – Percussion
Will Golden – Hammond B-3, Drum Programming
The Oakwoods Choir – Singalong Vocals, Claps

****ROCK & ROLL****

he’s been waiting around for the weekend
figuring which club to sneak in
fancy drinks and fifty dollar cover charge
lately it’s been a big hassle
heineken and new castle
to make sure he’s fitting in and living large
disregard the lies that he will tell and what he’s probably like
cause it’s not hard his charm is gonna get him through the night

if he wants to rock he rocks
if he wants to roll he rolls
he can roll with the punches long as he feels like he’s in control
if he wants to stay he stays
if he wants to go he goes
he doesn’t care how he gets there long as he gets somewhere he knows

see her heavy makeup and cut t-shirt
every girl out wants to be her
but they look the same already why adjust
reading the magazine secrets
forgetting the topical regrets
cause if she comes home all alone the night’s a bust
it’s a must the swivel in her hips and the look she gives
it’s all her trust if only in the morning she knew where she lived

if she wants to rock she rocks
if she wants to roll she rolls
she can roll with the punches long as she feels like she’s in control
if she wants to stay she stays
if she wants to go she goes
she doesn’t care how she gets there long as she gets somewhere she knows

and in a wink they’re on the brink
from drink to drink and at the bar with cash to blow
shot to shot it’s getting hot
advance the plot to see how far it’s gonna go
all depends so ditch the friends and grab a cab
another chance at cheap romance
doesn’t count ’cause the room is spinning
nothing to lose tonight they both are winning
and they fall in love as they fall in bed

if they wanna rock they rock
if they wanna roll they roll
they can roll with the punches long as they feel like they’re in control
if they wanna stay they stay
if they wanna go they go
they don’t care how they get there long as they get somewhere they know

****OH! ****

i got arrested in the dark of the night
the cop got restless as he read me my rights
he told me “im always envious of those that i jail
if i got locked up nobody’d come to help me post bail”
and i said “oh!”

went to a party on the side of a hill
met three latinas who had gotten their fill.
they told me “nobody ever gets us down on our knees
simply to help us take a load off our feet.”
and i said “oh!”

and im never sure what i’m living for but it’s always on my mind
someone comes along always proves me wrong think im gonna be fine

i picked a pocket just to give it all back
took out the license left the money in tact
the man said “i wanna thank you” and i had to ask why
“That was the old me I was living a lie”
and i said “oh!”

riding the subway with the scent of her hair
she took out a toothbrush started using it there
she explained “im always sure today’s the day i will die
i wanna look good if i get to look god in the eye”
and i said “oh!”

and im never sure what i’m living for but it’s always on my mind
someone comes along always proves me wrong think im gonna be fine

we get lost in the back of our minds
got nothing to burn but time time time
everybody’s got the love but they keep it inside

met an acquaintance we were reintroduced
with more in common than we had in our youth
she told me “you look the same” i said “i’m now a new man”
she asked me “how does that work” “i started giving a damn”
and i said “oh!”

****ALL OVER NOW****

call me crazy if you’ve got it in you
but these people don’t seem to mind
sweet vermouth now you’re telling me the truth
a little stubbornness will work out fine
a bottom feeder at the end of my rope
but i’m wondering where this rope began
gonna circle around what i couldn’t help bring down
it’s just supply with demand
nothing looks the same
even when there’s been no change
say that something’s gonna give
and it’s all giving out on you

when it’s all over now
it’s all over now
it’s no longer fun and it’s all been overdone
so it’s all over now

a large pickup truck with a little cargo towed
gets from baker’s to the laundromat
these daily fights all start to sound alike
i guess i’m gonna have to live with that
short changed
now it’s getting even harder to identify the repetition
short changed
now it’s getting even harder to identify the repetition
will i simply peel away
feels more likely everyday
say that something’s gonna give
and it’s all giving out on you


and if you came here to tell me that you’re sorry
for the pain you couldn’t cause
then save your breath and use it
just to regain what you have lost and look at the cost


long as I am erasing this there’s something i am bound to miss
opportunities exist but often don’t arise
and think of how it must have felt to watch you walk away and melt
i keep it all inside myself and in between my eyes
and it’s no surprise what we’ve become
since the arrival has begun

it hasn’t been long enough to even begin to think it’s alright
i’m only concerned with the way we end up
i think i’ve been wrong enough to know when i’m right
so put up fight if you must but we know that our trust is undone
it hasn’t been long enough

i feel as if i spoke too soon and ruined the whole afternoon
a feeling that we’re more than doomed is creeping up inside
and good as it was bound to be there’s something about you and me
it’s negative in chemistry which makes it hard to hide
and it’s no surprise when lights are falling
it’s bound to reawake some primal calling


what’s making you believe that the seventh time around is gonna be different
you know i’m not convinced
long as the knot was tied problems always were around
and I’m not any different so i won’t listen


new life decides to come through the front door
and makes us wish we’d shown respect before
though i don’t have much of a choice
i resolve to regain my voice

if i only just begin to understand it that’s because
everytime i time i start to change my mind again
it gets me back to where i was

new life we never had a clue
the two of us deciding what to do
though my hands are all but tied
i rebound so i can say at least i tried


and long as i’m allowed i’ll change my mind that’s what it’s for<br>i’m getting older but i’m still the same i’m just thinking anymore


****YOU’VE GOT YOU****

i’ve got a bone to pick with you and this opportunity
i couldn’t live this down enough to make up for you and me
i feel a swelling in my soul i’ve been choking up inside
i’d bite my tongue just for your sake but i’d swallow too much pride

and who will be sorry first who will be sorry first
and if you won’t be the one to budge i can tell what i am worth
and you’ve got you to blame for what you do to you
there’s nothing shocking so it must be true
and let me set this record straight on the drama you create
before you go and turn your back on me

i’ve got a lot to pay you back i’ve been saving up for years
i’m gonna break you into two now who’s gonna hear your tears
i’ve been the friend you never had now you’ll never have me back
i bear a witness to your faults and that line’s severely cracked

you’re gonna live your life and stay on your side
you’re not ashamed to try you’re more afraid of why
this bridge is burning now it’s caving in
we’re never gonna win we’ll run in circles till we fall in line

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Sounds Like This Drinking Game

Posted by hutchead on February 24, 2008

This is a repost from Eric’s Myspace page. Hilarious!

“Sounds Like This” Drinking Game

After one of my shows I was talking to a fan who told me about a drinking game involving my album that was just TOO good not to tell the world about.

To get started, you’ll need the following:

-a fun place (i.e. NOT your dorm room)
-some party drinks (alcohol for 21+ only)
-a few friends (preferrably fellow Hutcheads)
-my new album “Sounds Like This” (named best album of the year by my mom)

The rules for the SLT Drinking Game are easy enough: Put the album on and chat with your friends. But keep your ears open and every time you hear me sing an “oh” or “na na na”, take a drink.

This all seems easy enough. You take a drink at the “oh” at 1 minute, 56 seconds in “Ok, It’s Alright With Me” and then again at 2 minutes, 4 seconds. Then…nothing. “You Don’t Have to Believe Me” passes without a single drink and your friends start to get restless and mumble about this being the worst drinking game ever.

That is, until “Outside Villanova” kicks off with an “oh” intro and closes with a “na na na” outro. Try getting through the choruses of “Rock & Roll” or “It Hasn’t Been Long Enough”. Get into a debate over whether the “ooohh” in the “All Over Now” pre-chorus counts as an official drink. See if you can walk a straight line to the bathroom when you get finished singing along to “Oh!”.

When you wake up the next morning with my songs pounding in your head almost as much as that hangover, you’ll know who to thank. See you at the party!


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