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New Single “Tell The World”

Posted by hutchead on January 28, 2014

Tell The World” is the first single off of Eric’s forthcoming album “Pure Fiction” which is due out April 8th. The song is also currently being used in a Belk TV ad.


“Tell The World” is the first single off of Eric’s forthcoming album “Pure Fiction” which is due out April 8th. 

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Free album Almost Solo In NYC from Eric

Posted by hutchead on September 16, 2013

Free album Almost Solo In NYC from Eric

Eric is trying to get 1 million downloads, so he is giving away Almost Solo In NYC.

Just goto the link and post to Twitter or Facebook. Easy and cool!

Eric is also doing 2 live special performances: an evening at 3rd and Lindsley in Nashville on Thursday, October 3, and an intimate hometown show at Rockwood Music Hall in New York City on Wednesday, October 9.

And I am not sure how long the link will be active, but there is a funny animated Eric video with a lyric music video for “Shine”.


Almost Solo In NYC

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Eric on NPR Song Travls

Posted by hutchead on August 30, 2013

Eric on NPR Song Travls

A great hour featuring awesome acoustic performances and the always quick witted banter of an Eric interview.

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New Album Coming. And 2 New Songs – Goodnight, Goodbye and A Little More

Posted by hutchead on August 15, 2013

Eric tweeted that his next album will be out in September. Until then here are 2 new tunes.

Goodnight, Goodbye

A Little More

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New Belk Commercial Features “Best Days”

Posted by hutchead on December 31, 2012

The newest commercial from Belk has been airing during bowl games features Eric Hutchinson’s “Best Days”.  I do believe this is the first ad with Eric’s music as a feature.


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New Years Eve Music Video from Eric Hutchinson

Posted by hutchead on December 1, 2012

There is a new video for Eric’s holiday song “New Years Eve”. What do you think?


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Check out the new video for The Basement

Posted by danielleatx on October 19, 2012

Check it out and let us know what you think. Share it with your friends on twitter and Facebook. Use the hashtag #thebasementvid for a chance to win a poster signed by Eric!

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The Almost Solo Tour Happening NOW

Posted by danielleatx on October 18, 2012

  • Oct 18
  • Oct 19
    Des Moines, IA (ALMOST SOLO TOUR)
  • Oct 20
    Minneapolis, MN (ALMOST SOLO TOUR)
    Pantages Theatre
  • Oct 22
    Chicago, IL (ALMOST SOLO TOUR)
    Park West
  • Oct 23
    Madison, WI (ALMOST SOLO TOUR)
  • Oct 24
    Pontiac, MI (ALMOST SOLO TOUR)
    Crofoot Ballroom
  • Oct 26
    Londonderry, NH (SOLD OUT) – (ALMOST SOLO TOUR)
    Tupelo Music Hall
    Sold Out
  • Oct 27
    Somerville Theatre
  • Oct 28
    Burlington, VT (ALMOST SOLO TOUR)
    Higher Ground
  • Oct 29
    City Winery
    Sold Out
  • Nov 1
    Philadelphia, PA (ALMOST SOLO TOUR)
  • Nov 2
    Joe’s Pub
    Sold Out
  • Nov 3
    Joe’s Pub
    Sold Out
  • Nov 4
    Baltimore, MD (ALMOST SOLO TOUR)
    Ram’s Head Live
  • Nov 5
    Ridgefield, CT (ALMOST SOLO TOUR)
    The Ridgefield Playhouse
  • Dec 1
    Atlanta, GA (ALMOST SOLO TOUR)
    Center Stage
  • Dec
    Nashville, TN (ALMOST SOLO TOUR)
    3rd and Lindsley
  • Dec 4
    Asheville, NC (ALMOST SOLO TOUR)
    Orange Peel
  • Dec 5
    Charlottesville, VA (ALMOST SOLO TOUR)
    Jefferson Theatre
  • Dec 8
    Pittsburg, PA (ALMOST SOLO TOUR)
    Carnegie Library Music Hall

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Eric Hutchinson on Conan in Chicago

Posted by hutchead on June 7, 2012

Eric Hutchinson will perform “Watching You Watch Him,” on “Conan” on Tuesday, June 12. The “Conan” show will be at the Chicago Theatre, where they are taping this week’s shows.

“Watching You Watch Him,”was recently iTunes’ “Single of the Week.” The video is in rotation now at VH1, can be seen at:

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Eric Interview on Moving Up, Living Down Concerts

Posted by hutchead on May 30, 2012

Hi Eric! Thanks for taking some time to chat with Hutcheads everywhere. Your concert was great. First off tell me about the new band.

Great seeing you in Texas! The concerts were so fun! Loving the new band. This is our first tour together and I’m loving the energy they bring to the stage. Every night is different and we’re always coming up with new ideas and suprises.
Everybody also sings backup… does that help with the energy for the show?

Totally! The new album has even MORE vocals on it than before, so wanted a way to get all those voices into the show. I want my show to be a huge singalong with me and the crowd, and that starts with everyone on stage singing along.
Having Elliott Blaufuss being able to switch back and forth from keyboards to guitar sure adds a lot of “fullness” to the live sound. Has that changed the way you approach some of your songs?

Elliott is great. He can play and cover lots of parts, which gives me the freedom to sing and dance around like a fool!:)

I heard you even had a horn section for a show?

Yeah! Had some horn players play with us for a few shows in California. It was really fun and the energy was electric. Hoping to do it again soon.
It seems the venues for this tour are all a bit smaller than your last tour with Kelly Clarkson. Was is hard to connect with the audience in arenas that large?

I bring the same energy to a crowd of 500 as I do to 20,000! The Kelly tour was awesome and I made a bunch of new fans. It’s nice to connect those dots with people on my headlining tour.
In both shows I attended you made up songs on the spot. Where do you come up with that stuff?

Haha. That stuffs fun for me and the band. I was in a comedy troupe in college so I like to exercise that comedy muscle when I can. The Austin show in particular was fun since we had a couple get engaged on stage. Then I made up a song after which pretty much just wrote itself. It’s a fun way for me to make each show special with the crowd.
Has any of those songs transitioned into something more?

There were a couple of especially good ones on this tour that I made note of. Who knows, maybe one will end up on the next record!:)
You covered Queen’s “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” and “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” from The Beatles while you were in Texas. What are some of the other covers you have been doing and how to do you choose them?
We’ve been doing all kinds of covers, but you’ll have to come out to the shows to see which ones they are! I love all kinds of music from hip hop to classic rock to soul so I try to get all that stuff in there.
“The Basement” came after 90 minutes of playing. That tune is rockin! How do you keep up the energy for that long?

Steroids!! Just kidding. The crowd gives me the most energy. Having a rockin audience really picks me up, even after a long travel day. This tour’s been really fun and the crowds have been great, singing along and dancing to everything!
What has the reaction been to “Breakdown More” both from new fans and from long time fans?

Super positive! People tell me they’re really glad to finally have an official version of the song. I’m thankful the fans kept asking for it and reminded me to take a second look at it. It’s one of my favorites on “Moving Up Living Down”
Do you have any plans to take the tour overseas?

Yes! Working on a second trip to Norway right now. Hopefully back to Australia and New Zealand. Would love to hit Japan and Europe on this trip too.

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